Next roasting date: 18 Feb, 2019

Public Cupping Session

First cupping session happened on Sunday 8th of November, we had different Guatemala beans freshly roasted the day before for the public to try. Many includes:

  • Finca En Injerto Pandora Concepcion
  • Finca En Injerto Mondonovo Natural
  • Finca En Injerto Bourbon Natural
  • Finca En Injerto Bourbon Washed 
  • Finca El Truinfo Caturra & Typica Washed
  • Finca Naranjal Red & Yellow Caturra Washed - Micro-lot
  • Finca San Jorge Maracaturra Washed
  • Finca Santa Isabel Semi-Washed
  • Finca Santa Rita Bourbon Washed
  • Finca Valmar Caturra Honey

We hosted the cupping session at our laboratory, for $100 per entry each attendees received a coupon for a bag of free beans from H&H. Thank you for all of you who came, the session was incredible and I hope some of you found and learnt something from us. 

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