Next roasting date: 12 Nov, 2018

Jazz Sat Happy Hour / Path to Hazel & Hershey / Craft Beer

Hello Everyone,
As you might have notice, we have kick-started our social media post starting last week posting a series of interesting things a Vlog on youtube and now the blog here. This is to let more people know about our product and our drinks. Our coffee shop Hazel & Hershey is too good to be missing out on: beautifully on 69 Peels street, a little outdoor area for customers to relax and soak up the sun, also have a nice indoor area full of awesome coffee products.
So to keep you guys all up to date on Hazel & Hershey please look out for us on Facebook or Instagram. Or alternatively you can look out for this blog every Tuesday.
We are trying out the first Saturday Live Music Happy Hour this week. Soft jazz duo Dorinda and Thomas will be here this Saturday 4pm - 6pm, sharing their songs with love. Not just on jazz vocal, Dorinda is also song writer, fusion and rock musician. And her music with love is real, that Dorinda has also dedicated her music talents to help charities and people in need. Don't be shy to talk to Dorinda when you are here this Saturday. Thomas has a rock music background and see how he brings new elements to the performance.
For those who think we are difficult to find..... hey have you checked out our first episode Youtube that showing you getting to us is simply "escalator-right-left"? Not yet? Here you go!
Finally, we have introduced a range of amazing craft beer a few weeks ago. The three brands we currently stock are all mainly Canadian and one from Japan. (I believe you all know them in the previous post on FB.)

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