Ethiopia Guji Mesina Natural

Ethiopia Guji Mesina Natural





Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji . Oromia
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 2000MASL
Processing: Natural
Roast Level: Filter
Harvest: 2018/19
Flavour: Cherry . Moscato . Rock Sugar 

Mesina, from Ethiopia Guji Oromia, same site as the WBC 2018 Champion’s coffee, natural processing.  

Outstanding sweetness with high clarity of Moscato flavour, are the major reason why we chose this coffee, together with elegant cherry flavour, which makes this coffee you can’t miss!  

Out of 500 coffees we have cupped in Ethiopia earlier this year, this is one of eight coffees we have picked, the best of the best from Ethiopia this year.


Degas / Flavour maturation period:

Roasted coffee beans (Coffee) take two to four weeks resting after roasting, filter roast(medium light to medium roasting) and espresso roast(medium dark to dark roasting), basically the darker the roasting the longer the time needed.  Degassing aims to letting excessive carbon dioxide (byproduct from chemical reactions during coffee roasting) out from the roasted coffee beans for better extraction and brewing results.  During the period of time, the flavours of the Coffee will be maturer as well.  Drink within 3 months from the roasting date, and before someone else does.

Order fulfilment:

We fulfil order within 24 hours from the ordering time, and ship coffee beans within two weeks from the roasting date.  If you prefer coffee from the next roasting date, please state of your order note.