Kalita HA 155/185 Porcelain Wave Dripper

Kalita HA 155/185 Porcelain Wave Dripper



Kalita HA Porcelain Wave Dripper

Product overview

White Porcelain. 
With 400 years history, Nagasaki prefecture's famous Hasami porcelain was and still is a part of people's daily lives. A chopped-cone shape dripper with a flat-bottom and three triangulated holes in its base. A contact area of the dripper with the filter is small, it encourages a smooth extraction. Wave dripper helps anyone can easily make a tasty coffee without a skillful pouring technique.

Product information

Kalita HA 155 Porcelain Wave Dripper
Hasamiyaki - (1-2 cups)
Use with Kalita KWF-155 Wave Filter
Body size (mm): 120 × 100 × 68 
Product weight:280g

Kalita HA 185 Porcelain Wave Dripper
Hasami Grill (3-4 cups)
Use with Kalita KWF-185 Wave Filter
Body size (mm): 143 × 116 × 80 
Product weight:365g