Panama Esmeralda Private Geisha Natural

Panama Esmeralda Private Geisha Natural



Hacienda La Esmeralda
One of the best coffee estates in Panama and the world, the producer who rediscover geisha variety in 2007.

Origin: Panama 

Region: Boquete
Farm: Esmeralda
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 1600-1800MASL
Processing: Natural
Roast Level: Light Roast
Harvest: 2020
Flavour: Pipeapple . Passion Fruit . Green Grape


Private Collection
Esmeralda Private Collection is where to look for dependable, consistent Geisha coffee quality. Private Collection lots are made up of a blend of micro-lots from our Geisha producing farms, selected for the signature taste of high-altitude Geisha coffees. Private Collection coffee is offered both washed and natural processed.

Where It Grows
Esmeralda Private Collection is grown at Jaramillo, Quiel and Cañas Verdes farms at 1,600 – 1,800 MASL.

Esmeralda Private Collection coffees exhibit the classic aromatics that have made people from all over the world fall in love with Geisha coffee: floral, fruity, high citric acidity, bold cup and juicy body.

Every coffee in Hacienda La Esmeralda is picked at the absolute peak of ripeness, and this in combination with Esmeralda Private Collection’s high altitude leads to a sweet, bright, delicious cup.

Degas / Flavour maturation period:

Roasted coffee beans (Coffee) take two to four weeks resting after roasting, filter roast(medium light to medium roasting) and espresso roast(medium dark to dark roasting), basically the darker the roasting the longer the time needed.  Degassing aims to letting excessive carbon dioxide (byproduct from chemical reactions during coffee roasting) out from the roasted coffee beans for better extraction and brewing results.  During the period of time, the flavours of the Coffee will be maturer as well.  Drink within 3 months from the roasting date, and before someone else does.

Order fulfilment:

We fulfil the order within 24 hours from the ordering time and ship coffee beans within one weeks from the roasting date.