Next Roasting Date? hmhm..Not Really!

The fresher a coffee is, the better – right? Well, yes… but also no

Even though nobody wants to drink stale coffee, brewing a coffee straight after roasting can also result in a disappointing brew. That’s because of coffee degassing. And...Yes, Coffee can be "too fresh"!

Next Roasting Date


You may not know that coffee that is too fresh can be just as bad as stale coffee. In other words, if you brew coffee that has just been roasted, it can negatively affect the flavour and profile of the coffee.

Yes again! Coffee can be too fresh! 

Degassing your coffee is a process that helps you strike that perfect flavor balance so you get the most from your roast. 



Degassing is the release of gases from roasted coffee. When you roast coffee, gases – including a lot of carbon dioxide – form inside the bean.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to wait a few days after roasting before you brew your coffee. This period of time and the chemical release that happens during it are known as degassing.

When a coffee has degassed too much, the flavours are less vibrant. The trick is to allow it to degas sufficiently, without allowing the beans to become stale. 



So, degassing allows the dispersion of carbon dioxide caused in the roasting process. But we don’t want all of this gas to disappear. Instead, we should brew when there is just enough of it present. The right amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) stops the coffee tasting stale and flat.


Much like hops in beer and grapes in wine, there are lots of different types of beans when it comes to coffee, so degassing time depends on a set of factors specific to the beans. Harvesting techniques, drying process, bean size, and type of roast, are all important elements that determine how long beans will need to release the appropriate amount of CO2.

Generally speaking, while around 40% of all CO2 is released within 24 hours after roasting, degassing can take from 2 to 14 days.

It is very important to degas coffee to allow flavours to shine. So, what's next after degassing completed? 
Drink within 3 months from the roasting date, and before someone else does.

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Next Roasting Date? hmhm..Not Really!