Meet Harvey The #CoffeePlantHarvey

A story traces back to Ethiopia - the home and origins for Coffee Beans.

Dear Mom and Dad, 

I have to tell you about something extraordinary that happened a few weeks ago. 

Wow – I have to tell you about something unbelievable that happened last week. Since I’ve moved to the city, everyone has told me to watch out for the August monsoons – typhoons as they call it. All week, I sat and waited for the rain to come and dreamed about watching it fall from my cosy nook but the day after day of the sun shining brightly made me wonder if I would ever experience my first monsoon. 

I was beginning to lose hope, I’d ever find a use for my new umbrella and rainboots but woosh! That Friday morning, nothing could have prepared me for that much rain though I guess to some, it’s just another day in the city. 

Harvey in the Patio


I can’t believe there’s still so much to see here. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, something new happens and I have to remember, I’m not the small bean I was before I left Ethiopia with Birdie on the first origin trip. 

Can’t wait to have you visit and watch the rainfall together like we used to do on our porch back in Ethiopia. It’s beginning to feel like home here, but I know it won’t be until I see you guys again. 


<< The story of how rain, typhoon and solitude conspired one morning for the perfect coffee plant to blossom // Aug 2020, Hong Kong

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Meet Harvey The #CoffeePlantHarvey