Sample before you bring it home? Of Course!

We operate with a motto "Try it before you buy it!"

We believe every customer is different, so we want to offer you the chance to discover your new favourite before committing! 

Even for a small bag of 200g coffee beans, it is normal that we want to have a sip of the flavour profile before bringing them home. Especially when you are going a little adventurous this time.

Come visit for this made-specially-for-you “TRY & BUY” experience. We are offering the instant HK$50 rebate in both ways. 

Either buying your filter coffee to get rebates on your beans, or buying your beans to get rebates on your filter. 

If you don’t know which beans to start your adventure with, our experienced staff will guide you through the coffee continents, make sure you find the beans that fit your taste buds.

While having a sip of our freshly brewed filter coffee, you will immediately get a HK$50 rebate on any beans you purchase. Of course, if you already get your favourite beans, a HK$50 rebate will be on your filter coffee.

Gesha featured 5 in 1 sampler pack Hazel & Hershey

One more thing. In case your beans run out during a pandemic lockdown, we offer FREE SHIPPING to HK & Macau on any purchase.  


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Sample before you bring it home? Of Course!