Hazel & Hershey World Selective Tasting Pack 10 in 1

by Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters



World Selective Tasting Pack - A great selection of our top-notch coffees direct sourced around the world. 

Can't decide which coffee is right for you?

Want to try different coffee sample to pick your favourite?

Why not get TEN in a combo? This All-rounder Coffee Sampler would be your perfect choice.

Take an HnH coffee tour from the comfort of your own home, with this fresh, single-origin and Blended coffee beans sampler.

We'll select 14 of our most popular single origins and pick 6 of them randomly. Check out here what are the beans currently featured.


Through this coffee sampler, you’ll discover each coffee has its own uniqueness and characteristics which can be based on where they are from & how are they been roasted. There’s something for everyone (even tea lovers!)


Each bag included 5 House Blends

  • Hazel & Hershey's House Blend | Morning Bird

  • Hazel & Hershey's House Blend | coMbo

  • Hazel & Hershey's House Blend | Black Swan

  • Hazel & Hershey's House Blend | Gena

  • Hazel & Hershey's House Blend | VantaBlack

And 5 randomly packed Single Origin Coffees from the list below

  • Brazil Aguas Paulistas Signature

  • Brazil Fazenda Sapecado Honey

  • Colombia Emerald Mountain Washed

  • Colombia Casa Loma Washed Long Fermentation

  • Colombia Villa Flor Natural Anaerobic

  • Indonesia Sumatra Garuda - Supreme grade

  • Ethiopia Konga TOH #1 Anaerobic Fermentation Natural

  • Ethiopia Gomoro TOH #2 Anaerobic Fermentation Natural

  • Ethiopia Mesina TOH #3 Anaerobic Fermentation Natural

  • Ethiopia Koke TOH #4 Anaerobic Fermentation Natural

  • Ethiopia Iron Lion Zion #9

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Natural

  • Panama Elida Estate Geisha Natural Anaerobic Slow Dry

  • Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural Anaerobic Slow Dry



Coffee sample pack of 30g x 10 different coffees.

Pick randomly by our team with no bias or personal preferences! 

Hey, try all TEN and find your favourite. 

This amazing pack offer allows you to explore the great coffees we roast every week. Don't miss this chance to sample the rare tastes of direct trade coffee.

Coffee flavour and strength is a personal preference. Vary the type of coffee beans, amount of coffee, and fineness of grind to find the flavour you prefer. Sample packs come in whole beans only, Grind it based on your preference, or shop here for your own home grinder. 


*No Grounding for sample beans

*All Single origin are packed randomly and cannot be exchanged


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