IKAWA Pro100x Sample Roaster Machine w/Travel Case



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The all-new Pro100x Sample Roaster

Humidity Sensor

The IKAWA Pro100x Humidity Sensor measures the moisture that is released from your coffee during the roast. We use this data to unlock exciting new features, such as Auto-Detect 1st Crack and the Moisture Release Graph.

Auto-Detect 1st Crack

The Pro100x intelligently detects 1st crack based on the coffee’s moisture release. The precise and objective results are based on real-time measurements of moisture released from the coffee, even when that crack is subtle and quiet. This 1st crack marker improves the data available to the user, and measures a direct physical change in the coffee, resulting in what’s more than likely an overall improved 1st crack marker.

Target Development Mode

You can easily achieve the exact Development Time you need with adaptive profiles in Target Development Mode. Pre-set your Target Development and the Pro100x automates the roast, saving you time and producing more consistent roasts. If you want all roasts to go to 60 seconds of development time, simply pre-set that and roast. The Pro100x will find 1st crack and end the roast at 60 seconds, whether that’s a longer or shorter roast than your profile.

Moisture Release Graph

This industry-first visual tells you when and how quickly moisture is being released from the coffee into the roaster. It’s never been easier to maintain Rate of Rise (RoR) in your production roasts than when using the IKAWA Moisture Release Graph.

This map of moisture spikes gives users a visual template for when to apply heat. It’s perfect for production profiling, green buying (know how your coffee will behave before you buy it), and inventory monitoring (has your coffee changed and need a different profile?).

Roast Chamber Light

A full-spectrum LED light illuminates the roast chamber to easily monitor the colour of your coffee throughout the roast.

USB-C Power Out

Roasting all day with the app open will no longer drain your device's battery when it’s charging through the roaster.

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