Slayer | Steam EP Espresso Machine

by Slayer


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Slayer | Steam EP Espresso Machine

Specialty Coffee deserves nothing less.

Slayer Steam EP offers, by default, what the industry has long considered “optional”.

We believe you’re entitled to the temperature stability afforded by individual group boilers, quick and easy to access volumetric dosing, and high-quality parts that require less maintenance over time.

At Slayer we’ve worked behind the bar, we’ve operated cafes, and we’ve serviced machines. That’s why we’re able to include thoughtful features like a programmable Pre-Wet phase, massive drip tray to work on, low counter height to encourage customer engagement, and easy access to internal parts.

Designed with the needs of the modern speciality cafe in mind, Steam EP was made for coffee people, by coffee people.

Slayer Steam EP is our total value machine and comes at a very high feature specification for its class. With individual brew boilers, no steam valve rebuilds and easy to program volumetric output this is the benchmark for specialty coffee espresso machines.

Redefining Entry-Level
Individual group boilers, no steam valve rebuilds, easy to program volumetric dosing—and of course excellent coffee

Individual Brew Boilers with PID Control
Consistent, reliable temperature ideal for high-volume beverage service

Push-Button Volumetric Output
Program up to four automated shot outputs per group

9-Bar Extraction with Pre-Wet
Program a 0-4 second Pre-Wet phase and Pause phase before full extraction

Electronic Solenoid Steam Valve
Reliable, low maintenance valves don't need rebuilding like mechanical valves

Centralized Heads-Up Barista Dashboard
Easy to operate, program and fine tune your machine from single screen

Unique Design
Low-profile, large drip tray and ergonomic functions to allow baristas to easily speak with guests

  • Two Group
Width 35 in / 89 cm
Depth 28 in / 71 cm
Height 17 in / 43.2 cm
Weight 220 lb / 100 kg
Brew Tanks
1.7 L, 600 W (x2)
Steam Tanks    7.4 L / 3,500 W
Single-Phase Power 220-240 V, 50/60 hz, 26 A; 4.7—5.6 kW
Three-Phase Power 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 17 A; 4.9—5.7 kW
  • Three Group
Width 44.5 in / 113 cm
Depth 28 in / 71 cm
Height 17 in / 43.2 cm
Weight 305 lb / 139 kg
Brew Tanks
1.7 L, 600 W (x3)
Steam Tanks 12 L / 4500 W
Single-Phase Power 220-240 V, 50/60 hz, 35 A; 6.3—7.5 kW
Three-Phase Power 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 22 A; 5.8—6.5 kW

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