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Precision Scale

Kilo' Autotamper features a precision load cell scale, which controls the tamping pressure applied, ranging from as low as 3kg "soft tamp" up to 30Kg.

Variable Tamping Profile

Kilo' features a patented variable tamping profile.
The barista can set up three different profiles. Each profile can be set to tamp from 1 to 3 times with a pressure range from 3 to 30 kg.

Removable Tamping Disk

The Tamping Disk is attached to the auto-tamper with a magnetic locking system. The Barista can now easily remove the Tamping Disk during cleaning operations.

Tamping & Polishing

Kilo' tamps the coffee puck while gently polishing the coffee surface with a 35 degree turning motion. Our unique tamping movement eliminates statics in the Tamping Disk.

Cleaning Function

The Cleaning function lowers the Tamping Disk giving the user easy access for cleaning purpose.

Tamping Counter

Kilo' records the total coffee tamps for each different tamping profiles. A great feature for monitoring daily coffee sales.

Concave Tamping Disk

Kilo's unique tamping disk concave design improves coffee distribution while maintaining a clean coffee bed surface.

Super Fast Tamping

Kilo' is the fastest Automatic Tamper in the market, full stop! Tamping time ranges from as low as 0.8 sec for a single tamp to a max of 1.4 sec for a triple tamp. Our unique twin-disk transmission design combined with the onboard weighing system guarantees super-fast tamping operation at all times.


Unit Size: 279 x 158 x 330mm
Net weight: 3.5Kg
Gross weight: 5Kg
Tamper diameter: 58.4mm (Optional 54.6 & 58mm available for purchase separately)
Voltage: 110 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz (Universal voltage)


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