Patrick O’Malley

Patrick O’Malley


SCAE Diploma Holder, SCAE Authorized Trainer, Roast Master, and Tea Sommelier

Founder/Owner of IBCA Coffee Academy, and Espresso Italia in Tempe, AZ.

Patrick O’Malley is an Arizona native, born in Tucson.  He was raised in the small, yet cultural, town of Bisbee, AZ before venturing to Hawaii and California where he worked as coffee/espresso service technician and discovered the soulful art of being a barista.  He returned Phoenix, AZ in the early 1990’s and continued honing his craft.  After a successful career in beverage management, Patrick decided to follow his passion as a coffee/tea drink specialist.  In 1998, Patrick founded Espresso Italia.  Today, Patrick is the owner of Espresso Italia Brands, which operates Espresso Italia, Infusion Coffee+Tea, LiquidTech, and IBCA.

Patrick O’Malley is as close to a “Professor of Coffee” as one can get.  Most recently, in 2012, he earned the coveted Coffee Diploma from the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).  He is only the 43rdperson in the world to attain this diploma.

Patrick is an SCAE Authorized Trainer, Roast Master, and Tea Sommelier.  He created the IBCA (International Barista Coffee Academy) to educate those with a desire to learn more in the following key areas:  Barista  (Level 1+2), Roasting (Level 1+2), Grinding and Brewing (Level 1+2), Sensory Cup Tasting (Level 1+2), Green Coffee (Level 1+2), Tea Sommelier (Level 1).

He is the Master Roaster and Tea Blender for Infusion Coffee+Tea.  He is also a regular on the judge’s panel at various International Barista Championships around the world.