Gesha featured All-Rounder Coffee Sampler Pack 5 in 1

Gesha featured All-Rounder Coffee Sampler Pack 5 in 1



All-rounder Coffee Sampler - A great selection of our top-notch coffees direct sourced from the origins. 

Can't decide which coffee is right for you?
Just want to try a single coffee sample or two?
Why not get FIVE in a combo? This All-rounder Coffee Sampler would be your perfect choice.

Take a world coffee tour from the comfort of your own home, with this fresh, single-origin coffee beans sampler.

We'll select 5 of our most popular single origins, blends or combinations. Check out here what are the featured beans this month, offer rotates.


It has five single-origin coffees belongs to five distinct taste profiles.


Through this coffee sampler, you’ll discover the unique tastes coffees can have based on where they are from & how they are been roasted. There’s something for everyone (even tea lovers!)


September Selection (Ethiopian highlights)

Goldcrest Washed

Gesha Village Lot 50

Gesha Village Chaka SOE

Gesha Village Chaka Washed

Gesha Village Lot 43

Gesha Village Lot 114

Gesha Village Champion’s Reserve GVA. RSV. 2

Gesha Village Champion’s Reserve GVA. RSV. 7

Yirgacheffe Harfusa



Coffee sample pack of 5 x 30g of five different coffees.
ick randomly by our team with no bias or personal preferences! 

Hey, try all five and find your favourite. 

This amazing pack offer allows you to explore the great coffees we roast every week. Don't miss this chance to sample the rare tastes of direct trade coffee which we bring to you from all around the world.

Coffee flavor and strength is a personal preference. Vary the type of coffee beans, amount of coffee, and fineness of grind to find the flavor you prefer. Sample packs come in whole beans only, Grind it based on your preference, or shop here for your own home grinder.