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Espresso Barista Basics Cog-Style Rubber Tamper Seat

Description: The Espresso Parts Tamper Seat/Puck gives you
                    a soft place to rest and store your tamp when not in use 
                    The rubber puck cushions the tamper base and will keep
                    your tamp from falling to the floor and helps prevent a
                    soggy bottom tamp
                    Highly resistance to oils and water
                    Highly resistant to thermal and oxidative
                    The permissible operating temperature range is -40 to
                    +100 DegreeC (-40 to +210 DegreeF)
                    Dishwasher safe
Dimension: 3 x 3 x 0.8 inches
Colour: Black
Material: Food safe NBR rubber and stainless steel
Origin: USA

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