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Espresso Parts Counter Top Rinser - 6" x 6" x 2" Pan Size - New design

6" by 6" by 2" Pan Dimensions Counter Top Rinser

With our rinser, any vessel with a diameter from 1 to 4½ inches can now be rinsed in seconds. In most restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, the rinsing of glasses, shot glasses, pitchers and cups is a task that is repeated many times a day. We have developed the rinser to save you time and money, making the rinse process an effortless task.

 New Features:

  • Improved all stainless steel valve stem body for use with higher water pressure and increased reliability. 
  • Improved rinser star with a larger diameter and non-slip ridges

The steps needed to rinse a pitcher without a rinser:

  1. take the pitcher
  2. walk to the sink
  3. turn on the faucet
  4. rinse the pitcher
  5. turn off the faucet
  6. put the pitcher in the drainer
  7. dry your hands
  8. walk back.

The steps taken with a rinser:

  1. take the pitcher
  2. push it down on the rinser sprayer
  3. let it rinse for a few seconds
  4. take the pitcher off the rinser.

Done. That's all there is to it.


  • COLD WATER connector: 3/8" John Guest press fitting (hot water damages the seals)

  • Drain connector: 1/2" barb fitting

  • Recommended Water Pressure: 15-30 PSI

  • Rugged black ABS surround 

  • Outside dimensions of the pan only: 6-7/8" by 6-3/8" (average flange is 5/16")

  • Stainless steel pan (edges can be sharp please use caution when handling pan)

  • Pending NSF aprroval 2015

We strongly suggest having product in-hand prior to cutting counter tops.
Espresso Parts is not liable for mis-calculated or mis-cut counter tops.

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