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Espresso Supply Handle Free Spouted Bell Pitcher

Description: This design combines the classic bell pitcher shape
                     with a latte art spout.
                     The handle free style allows baristas more flexibility
                     when steaming and pouring latte art. Insulated wrap
                     protects hands from the heat.
                     Available in 2 capacities: 16 oz/ 25 oz
Material: Stainless steel
Origin: USA

16 ounce Handle Free Spouted Bell Pitcher
Model: 27550
Dimension: Height: 4.2 x 5 x 3 inches
Capacity: 16 oz
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25 oz Handle Free Spouted Bell Pitcher
Model: 27554
Dimension: Height: 4.25in. / 10.8cm
Capacity: 25 oz
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