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Espresso Supply Thermometer Clip Pitcher

Description: The integrated clip keeps your thermometer intact while
                     preparing your favorite drinks.
                     The spout makes these pitchers ideal for performing Latte Art.
                     Show off your skill as a barista and impress your customers with
                     drinks decorated just for them!
                     Available in 2 capacities: 20 oz, 32 oz
Model: 27202/27203
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: USA

20 ounce Thermometer Clip Pitcher
Model: 27202
Dimension: Height: 4.5in. / 11cm
                   Mouth: 3in. / 8cm
                   Bottom: 3.25in. / 8.25 cm
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32 ounce Thermometer Clip Pitcher
Model: 27203
Dimension: Height: 5in. / 13cm
                    Mouth: 3.5in. / 9cm
                    Bottom: 4in. / 10.2cm
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