Noda Horo Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Fujii Slim Pot

It is superior in maintaining heat and preserving the taste of pure water. The ceramic surface doesn’t have any metallic ions as in stainless steel which can alter the taste of water inside.
It is more sanitary comparing to metals. The hard to scratch surface can kept clean much better than metal products, where germs have no place to hide.
Extra long fine spout for easy control of that slow pouring required in a good dripping coffee.
Variety of color to fit into any environment or matching any personality.
Model: FUJ700/FUJ1200
Capacity: 0.7L/1.2L
Color: Red/White/Blue/Camel/Brown/Black
Material: Steel coated with enamel
Usage: Direct flame and induction 
Origin: Japan