Next roasting date: 30 April, 2018

Kono Coffee Dripper Set MEIMON Series

Description: Enjoy the coffee dripping with a colourful dripper set
                    and make the professional taste
                    The cover of the pot compartments tea leaves also
                    let you enjoy brewing tea easily
                    Inculdes KONO Filter Cone, Range Server, Heat-proof glass carafe

Kono Meimon 4 Dripper
Model: MD-40BK/MD-40CH/MD-40LG/MD-40WD/MD-40WH/MD-40YE
Capacity: 1-4 cups 
Colour: Black/Chocolate/Light Green/Wood/White/Yellow
Material: Pot: heat-resistant glass / Dripper: acrylic
Origin: Japan

Kono Meimon style dripper with server pot & measure spoon.

Kono Meimon 2 Dripper 
Model: MD-20BK/MD-20CP/MD-20LG/MD-20WD/MD-20WH/MD-20YE
Dimension: Dripper: diameter 10 cm x height 8 cm
                   Pot : diameter 10cm x height 11.5 cm
Material: Pot: heat-resistant glass / Dripper: acrylic
Capacity: 1-2 cups
Colour: Black/Cherry Pink/Light Green/Wood/White/Yellow

 Origin: Japan