Next roasting date: 12 Nov, 2018

Kono PR series Coffee Syphon

Description: Kono PR-series syphon is the latest series, which is the most affordable model
                    Comes with 2, 3 and 5 cup sizes
                    Made in Japan with heat proof glass
                    Package contains:
                                                    1. Syphon
                                                    2. Alcohol burner (only available with model number with A)
                                                    3. Bamboo stirrer
                                                    4. Plastic upper pot stand
                                                    5. Plastic cover
                                                    6. Syphon filter (cloth filter with ceramic holder)

Kono PR 2 Cups Coffee Syphon
Model: PR-2A/PR-2G
For 1-2 persons use

Kono PR 3 Cups Coffee Syphon
Model PR-3G
For 1-3 persons use

Kono PR 5 Cups Coffee Syphon
Model PR-5G
For 1-5 persons use