Next roasting date: 8 January, 2018

Latte Art Class

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This latte art class is designed for baristas and home enthusiasts who are looking to learn how to pour a cup of coffee with latte art, and for those who are looking to strengthen their latte art pouring skills. 

This Latte Art course includes:

  • Understanding chemistry relating to milk
  • Frothing pitchers
  • Milk steaming and texturing technique
  • Latte art pouring skills and mechanics for shapes such as Heart, Ringed Heart, Rosetta and Tulip
  • Hands on latte art pouring with one-on-one instructor help
  • Personal latte art pouring ptractice time
  • Tips and tricks for practicing latte art at home
  • End of day student latte art throwdown

Foundation Objectives
(Design for everyone with NO EXPERIENCE in making coffee):


Intermediate Objectives
(Design for people who have experience, you must know how to make an Espresso Shot and basic milk frothing):
Advance Tulip

Time: 07:30pm-09:30pm

8 people for foundation, 5 people for intermediate maximum per class, first come first serve basis.