ROEST Professional Coffee Sample Roaster




It has never been easier to fully develop each coffee sample. ROEST is designed from the inside and out, focusing on quality and user-friendliness in terms of operation and maintenance.

World’s First Roaster with
Automatic First Crack Detection

ROEST sample roaster is designed to optimize the process of coffee roasting. The machine is easy to control with a 5-inch touch screen and rotary knob and the wifi connection even allows other users to follow your coffee roasting in real-time.

The roasting process is closely monitored via multiple sensors and smart software – but the easy 5-step process allows you to just focus on the quality of the coffee. The roasting profiles can be configured to the bean or air temperature as well as predefined power and fan profiles. This makes it easy to adjust the process whether you are into cold brew coffee or a classic espresso. And at any time in the process, you can switch to manual.

The interface is super user-friendly and includes both a manual mode to experiment with different roasts and preset modes so you can save roasts you love. All roasting data is saved and accessible on any device. 

  1. Choose profile
  2. Add 100g of beans
  3. Start roasting
  4. Register “First Crack”
  5. Collect coffee
    • Easy to use
    • Save time: the world’s most efficient coffee roaster!
    • Digital automated precision roasting
    • Wifi connection
    • Mobile: bring your roaster with you
    • Manual control for experimenting
    • Optional ventilation hose for healthy indoor climate


    ROEST has a 100-gram capacity and is controlled via a touch screen and a single dial, making it incredibly easy to roast your own beans. A hybrid of a drum and fluid bed roaster, Roest is mobile, Wi-Fi connected, and features smart software that saves your data for future use, whether you roast automatic or manual.

    When you're ready to give home coffee roasting a try, do it in style. This small-scale roaster will not only reduce the workload most sample roasters require, but it's also a design award winner.

    About ROEST Coffee / Who is the team behind ROEST?

    The ROEST Professional coffee sample roaster is created by the two Norwegian brothers Trond og Sverre Tangen Simonsen. Their project started during a master’s degree in mechanical engineering but with great feedback to their original design, an optimized prototype was made. Now, 5 years later, the brothers have filed a patent and have started to ship the first machines worldwide.

    Where to buy?

    Hazel & Hershey is the authorised reseller for ROEST in Hong Kong. Buy from the authorised reseller/distributor for quality assurance. 



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