Scace 2 - Espresso Machine Thermofilter - Temperature & Pressure Device

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The Scace 2 Thermofilter gives you both temperature and pressure readings directly at the group. This is where we are most interested in receiving data, and now you can do both. The device is very capable of measuring temperature to within a 10th of a degree. The "T" type thermocouple is very fast and accurate when used in conjunction with a digital thermometer.

The Scace 2 Thermofilter has an integrated glycerin filled pressure gauge that provides accurate brew pressure. Do you need a Scace device? The question really should be can you afford not to own one? Having the knowledge of temperature and pressure of your espresso machine is very valuable with regards to quality control.


Instructions for this product are not included, but the use of the device is the same as with any portafilter: with your machine on and running normally, insert the device into your desired group head. Rotate counter-clockwise (looking directly down at the handle) until the handle stops. Tighten the device a little more, to ensure a proper seal in the group. Press the water dispense button on the desired group head (the one the device has been engaged in). That's it.

Where instructions really come into play is with the temperature meter that is used in conjunction with the Scace device.

Make your water dispensing pressure and steam boiler temperature adjustments as needed. If you are unfamiliar with how to make pressure and or temperature adjustments, contact your roaster for a referral to a qualified technician. Expect water to exhaust out of the bottom fitting on the portafilter body: the orifice in the fitting has been designed and is calibrated to simulate the flow of water as if you were using a standard portafilter with grounds in it.

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