Hario | V60 Buono Electric Kettle / 800ml

Hario | V60 Buono Electric Kettle / 800ml


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Easy One flip switch to turn on kettle. Auto power off when kettle comes to a boil. It’s become a staple in the specialty coffee industry and the go-to gadget for pros and hobbyists alike.

Hario’s Buono has made its mark and it won’t be displaced anytime soon. In recent years the hype about this kettle reached a record high, with promises of an electric version entering the market. This is the electric Buono kettle. Like its stovetop sibling, it sports a slim gooseneck spout for optimal control and slow-mo flow. Its beautiful, beehive-shaped body is crafted with stainless steel for unrivaled strength and insulation. With a cordless design, auto-off feature, and quick-heating element (boils 0.8 liters in about 5 minutes), the electric Buono permits an even simpler pour-over.

*Boil 0.8L of water in about 5 minutes.
(May vary depending on room temperature and water temperature)

You'll never go back to a plain old kettle again!
Boil water with electric power and use immediately for brewing.

COLOR: Hairline Silver  
SIZE: W295 × D156 × H175mm  
CAPACITY: Maximum 0.8L Minimum 0.15L   
WEIGHT(incl.individual box): approx.800g  
Power Consumption: 900-1000W
Power Source: AC220-240V 50Hz, EU Plug
Cable Length: 0.75m
Knob of lid, Handle, Power supply plate base : Polypropylene
Lid, Kettle body barrel : Stainless steel