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Here at Hazel & Hershey, our house blends are CoMbo (Ethiopia & Brazil) & Gena (100% Ethiopia) which are available all day in our shop serving as Espresso at your liking - Black or White, Hot or Iced, followed by other two blend beans: Black Swan & Morning Bird. 

House Blends can often be described as reliable and straightforward – a blend that is a “go-to” in a coffee shop. They are generally seen as a consistent and high-value product that you can count on. 

You may wish to make a cup of Gena or CoMbo at home while you fancy a sip of our house blend yet, no time to pay a visit. We offer a 20% volume purchase discount for any purchase of one type of blend beans for 10 or more bags. Click on your favourite beans below complete the order to enjoy the benefit. 


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We offer local free shipping for any purchase of coffee brands or/ and any orders of coffee products made within Hong Kong and Macau over HK $200.
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Not just another cafe! Hazel & Hershey does more than play the field. We source . We roast . We serve . We distribute . We are a one-stop coffee solution provider, a coffee expert who committed to making long-lasting positive change in the coffee industry.
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