Kalita HA 101/102 Porcelain Dripper

Kalita HA 101/102 Porcelain Dripper



Kalita HA Porcelain Dripper 

Product overview

Hasami White Porcelain. 
With 400 years history, Nagasaki prefecture's famous Hasami porcelain was and still is a part of people's daily lives. Wedge-shaped dripper with 3 holes in the bottom and ribs on the inner wall. Its design keeps the filter from sticking to the wall and the bottom of dripper, also encourages a smooth extraction.

Design by Narumi

Product information

Kalita HA 101 Porcelain Dripper
For 1-2 cups
Use with FP 101 Filter paper
Body size (mm): 120 × 100 × 70 
Product weight: 317 g

Kalita HA 102 Porcelain Dripper
For 2-4 cups
Use with FP 102 Filter paper
Body size (mm): 130 × 110 × 90 
Product weight: 442 g