Krome Drop Knockbox

Krome Drop Knockbox


The drop knockbox was designed for busy coffee bars.  The knockbox sits in the countertop and allows the used coffee pucks to drop through to a rubbish bin inside the counter.  This knockbox is pretty much a Classic Knockbox with the lower half removed but is still sturdy and built like a tank.

The rubber components of this product minimise noise - there is nothing worse than the clanky noise that emits from those cheap aluminium catering inserts converted to knockboxes. 

The raised back prevents backsplash, if you have watery pucks and need one of those enormous back splashes that clips onto a knockbox you may need to evaluate your grind and dosing ritual :)

To install you need a square hole cut out in your table top.

Apart from the lower gasket, all parts are the same as the Classic Knockbox and replacement parts are available.