Kalita 101/102 Ceramic Dripper

Kalita 101/102 Ceramic Dripper


Kalita 101 Ceramic Dripper White
Kalita 101 Ceramic Dripper Brown
Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper White
Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper Brown
Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper Black

Kalita Ceramic Dripper

Product overview

Wedge-shaped dripper with three holes in the bottom and ribs on the inner wall. Its design keeps the filter from sticking to the wall and the bottom of dripper, also encourages a smooth extraction.

The dripper of Carita is characterized by dripping only the deliciousness before three taste, spicy taste.

Product information

Kalita 101 Ceramic Dripper

Product weight:320g
Body size (mm): 120 × 100 × 70 
Use with FP101 Filter paper (for 1-2 cups)

Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper 

Product weight:430g
Body size (mm): 138 × 110 × 88 
Use with FP102 Filter paper (for 3-4 cups)