Fair Trade is Good, Direct Trade is Better!

Why do we use Direct Trade?

Isn't Fairtrade better? Why aren't we Rainforest Alliance Certified? We think all those labels hide a multitude of sins - considering Fairtrade prices often barely cover the cost of coffee production for farmers. Instead, we're all about transparency. That, and good prices for a great product.

Unlike the usual coffee supply chain, we cut all unnecessary steps. There's no other players - like commodity traders or distributors - getting a piece of the pie. 

Quality not Charity!

Picking cherries at the right ripeness, hand-sorting them to remove defects, closely monitoring fermentation - a lot of work goes into each cup of coffee. That should be recognised. 

We opted to pay farmers directly and more, way more than Fairtrade rates that allows them to grow their farms, improve their quality of life, and keep producing better and better coffee for us - and they understand and realise their true value.


Long-term Stable & Reliable Partnership

Our work with farmers is business-based, but forged in friendship. We support each other by establishing a healthier win-win long-term partnership, we have our high quality source of beans supply assured, while they are receiving a reliable regular source of income. We've grown as a business, they've grown too. 


Hazel & Hershey Coffee Journal 
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Fair Trade is Good, Direct Trade is Better!