Hario Filter-in Coffee Bottle V

Hario Filter-in Coffee Bottle - Cold Brewed Coffee Made Easy


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Cold brewed coffee made easy! 

The Filter in Bottle is a clever brewing tool which allows you to simply prepare cold brew coffee easily.

  • It’s conveniently turned into a serving bottle once the unique detachable rubber lid and long-lasting filter are removed.
  • Available in Matte White only, this is the perfect product to enjoy cold brew on the go!

Place coffee grounds in the strainer, slowly pour cold water into the carafe through the coffee grounds. Refrigerate for approximately 8 hours for the cold brew to complete. Increase steep time for a coffee with more strength.

Item Number:  FIC-70-MW
Materials Glass bottle: Heatproof glass
Filter: Polyester resin
Strainer: Polypropylene
Removable Bottle Spout, Stopper: Silicone rubber
Capacity:  Brewed Volume 650ml
Measurements 87 W * 84 D * 300 H mm
Colours Matte White
Weight:  500g
Origin: Made in Japan




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