Hario | Double Glass Coffee Press

Hario | Double Glass Coffee Press


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French presses don't get much fancier.
Hario's take on the classic brewer includes two thick glass walls for improved insulation and protection from heat. As an inert material, glass won't absorb any foreign flavors or odors. 

The Chemex-like removable olive wood collar offers a comfortable grip and elegant look. With a practical capacity of 400 ml, this press is suited to satisfy 1-2 people.

A double glass coffee press that keeps coffee warm and offers a bold, full-body taste of the coffee. The press draws out the coffee oil that gives coffee its umami flavor, so that you can enjoy the unique taste of the coffee beans you have chosen.



  • Constructed with high-quality heatproof glass, olive wood, stainless steel, and leather
  • Glass is dishwasher-safe (do not put wood components or leather strap in dishwasher)


    Origin: Made in Japan
    Body: Heatproof glass, Acrylic resin adhesives
    Grip, Knob of Lid, String stopper: Olivewood
    Filter, Nut, Shaft: Stainless steel
    String: Leather
    Measurements W128 × H224mm
    Colours Olive wood
    Capacity 400ml 
    (13.5 oz)




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