SCAE Roasting Professional

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Roasting gives you an understanding of the roasting process, including the roast cycle and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark. In addition, this module covers roast defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production.

Professional gives you the skills and knowledge needed as a manager to plan and execute quality control, create a product range to meet different preferences, calculate production costs and ensure efficient production.

Advanced skills in profile development and the sensory evaluation of different profiles are tested at this level. Knowledge of the fundamental chemistry of coffee is tested as well as the chemical reactions occurring during coffee roasting. Roastery management principles including manufacturing efficiency, capital expenditure and decision making are introduced to ensure that successful students achieving the 80% pass mark have strong vocationally relevant skills.

This is one of the Coffee Diploma System Professional modules, 25 credits will be awarded after completion.

Language: Cantonese or English 
Course material:  English
Course length:  ~ 24 hours

* Date and time can be arranged for groups of 4 or above.
Please email to for more information.

** Extra practice time can be arranged at hourly charge base.
$200 per hours, all material included. Fractions of 1 hour is charged as 1 hour, i.e. 1 hour 30 mins is charged as 2 hours.

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